Personal Finance 

At Checks & Balances for You, we understand the complexities of managing your daily financial lives have increased over the years. We guide you through these complexities, help regain financial control and a sense of security.

How we help individuals & families

There are many reasons why someone might need a daily money manager. As we age or face illness, the challenges may become more than we can handle. Some of us struggle to do these types of tasks in the first place. The real bottom line is determining our priorities and choosing what we want to spend our time doing. If you, or a loved one, can’t, don’t want to, or shouldn’t be managing your day-to-day financial affairs, we are here to help.

individual & family money MANAGEMENT services:

- Opening and sorting mail
- Paying bills
- Balancing and reconciling checkbook, credit cards, and other accounts
- Making bank deposits
- Reviewing insurance and medical statements for accuracy
- Monitoring accounts for unusual activity
- Intervening and addressing problems with billing and medical claims
- Organizing documents: paper files and electronic files
- Assembling documents for tax preparation
- Creating and monitoring spending plans
- Reporting on income & expenses, net worth, and spending trend
- Using Quicken to track and categorize income and expenditures
- Offering suggestions and referrals, as needed

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